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Appraisal Company

An appraisal company is an independent entity through which mortgage lenders order residential real estate valuation services for properties on which they are considering extending loans to homebuyers. If you currently need an appraisal for a property you’d like to sell, the professionals at Fayne Gordon Certified Appraisal Services are here to help.

Since the year of our establishment, Fayne Gordon has been providing reputable appraisal services in the Valdosta GA area. Make sure your property is assessed accurately and you’re getting the compensation you’re entitled to. Visit or call today!

Home Appraiser

Home appraisers go through a thorough checklist in their process of evaluating a property. They conduct a room-by-room walkthrough to determine the interior condition of the home. They walk the perimeter of the property to gauge the exterior condition. Appraisers even evaluate amenities like basements, pools, etc. Once they’ve recorded the layout of the property, they can accurately appraise the property as a whole.

Since our establishment in 1996, our team of dedicated professionals has been providing prospective homeowners the appraisals they need. When you choose us, you can count on quick and accurate results.

Real Estate Appraiser

If you’re looking for a reputable real estate appraiser in the Valdosta GA area, you’ve come to the right place. At Fayne Gordon Certified Appraisal Services we enlist our consummate professionals to inspect your property and make an accurate determination on its value.

When estimating a property’s value, appraisers note unique characteristics of the property and surrounding area. They also consider the foundation and any renovations that took place. Our staff will meticulously research, observe, and calculate your property’s value.

Land Appraiser

Land appraisers typically value one property at a time and often specialize in a specific type of real estate, like commercial or residential. Appraisers take inventory or “comparables” of similar nearby properties to help determine value. At the end of their process, land appraisers prepare written reports on the property value.

To avoid being left at a serious disadvantage, call or visit Fayne Gordon Certified Appraisals Services today. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to make sure you’re getting the best evaluation on your land.

Commercial Property Appraiser

Commercial property appraisals is a process of establishing the worth of a property, typically at market value. These appraisals are the basis for mortgages, sales, mergers, taxation and more. If you or someone you know is in need of a commercial building or lot in need of inspection, call or visit Fayne Gordon Certified Appraisals.

Our consummately skilled staff can quickly and accurately appraise your commercial property. You won’t find a better deal in the Valdosta GA area. Don’t get left at a disadvantage by lesser appraisers, choose the best in Fayne Gordon!

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